Dada Cal

Dada Cal is an experimental calendar at the intersection of product and sculpture. This piece challenges the traditional structural concept of a calendar, making for an intentionally more convoluted user interaction. The idea is to make the experience of tracking time more time-consuming, prompting the user to reflect on the act of time-keeping itself.

Section part 1

Aided with rapid-prototyping technology, the time-keeping pieces were cut from a 1/4" sheet of aluminum with a water-jet cutter.

The type was laser annealed into the face of a 1x1' square cut-out of 16 gauge mild steel sheet. Annealing is the slow heating of metals with a laser beam, similar to laser cutting or etching.

Dada Cal was displayed as part of the "Work is Play" group exhibition, curated by Luke Weaver at OTOT Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio in the summer of 2019. The show was a collection of objects designed at the intersection of product design and sculpture that loosely center around the theme of "office desk." The Work is Play Administration is a creative collective and ongoing project. Find more of our work here.

Section part 1